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Want to use only the best on your baby's delicate skin? Avoid potentially irritating ingredients and chemicals by making your own products at home. Here you will find recipes and tips from moms who, like you, care to use only the purest of ingredients on their baby! Have a natural baby food recipe? E-mail it to me and I will post it up with your credit!


Never Ending Supply Of Wipes

Sure, you do your part-you make your own baby wipes. You cut down on waste, you eliminate chemicals from your baby's precious skin. The only down side-you have to make them every other day! Well, most of us who have the poopiest kids do!
Do yourself a favor and make a double or triple batch of your favorite natural wipes recipe and freeze it in ice cube trays! Every few days you can take out enough cubes and defrost them into your wipes box. Voila! Instant wipes so you have more time to do other things.


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