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Natural Pain Relief Tips for Your Natural Childbirth

Natural Pain Relief Tips for Your Natural ChildbNatural Pain Relief Tips for Your Natural Childbirth

By Kristen Hart

You know that natural birth is best for your baby -- and best for you. But how will you deal with the pain of labor and birth? The truth is you can have a natural birth, and in this article I'll give you some practical tips for pain relief.

Stay Home
: Stay home as long as possible. If you are giving birth at a hospital or birth center, one of the best things that you can do to keep your pain low is to stay home. At home you are more comfortable and relaxed. You are able to eat and drink if you want to, and you can move how you want to.

Go to the hospital or birth center when your contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and lasting at least 60 seconds for your first baby -- at around 4 minutes apart and at least 60 seconds long for subsequent babies.

Move: You need freedom of movement. If you can, get up and walk. Sway. Bring a birthball and bounce on it. Some women like to rock back and forth on all fours. If you must stay in bed, labor on your side or in a supported squat. Don't get stuck on your back. Being forced to labor on your back causes pain for you, it slows labor, and it decreases blood flow to your baby.

Make Noise: If you want to make noise go ahead and make noise! However, you should remember that high-pitched screaming will probably only make your pain worse and cause your body to tighten up. You want to let out low moans with your mouth open. This helps you move through pain and a relaxed mouth means a relaxed bottom.

Breathe: Take deep breaths as you labor. Consciously slowing your breathing and working hard to take in a lot of air will help you calm down. Breathe through, up, and over each contraction. Just take them one breath at a time. Once each one is over, it's over forever.

Relax: This goes along with breathing. As you breathe, make an effort to relax all your muscles. Your uterus will be working hard, but the rest of you should be as relaxed as possible. Have your partner or doula support you if you need support -- so that you can relax. This will be easiest if you have practiced relaxation during pregnancy. Get a good guided relaxation tape or CD and use it often.

Have a Partner That You Trust: Choose your birth partner wisely. It doesn't matter if this is your husband, boyfriend, mother, sister, or best friend. It can be a combination of people. Just make sure that you trust them and they trust you.

One of the best choices you can make is to have a professional doula at your side along with your partner. Having a doula has been scientifically proven to lead to better birth outcomes for mother and baby.

Trust Yourself: Trust yourself. You are a woman and you were made to birth your baby. You can do this. You can give birth to your baby naturally.

Kristen Hart is the owner of Natural Birth and Baby, a website devoted to healthy pregnancy, natural birth, and the best baby care. You can learn more about natural pain relief at

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